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ITS WG Collaborative editing page

The purpose of this page is to discuss the extensibility mechanism in ITS. That is, how to attach extra information not defined by ITS to ITS information. For example: how to specify an item is transltable (ITS info), but is flagged as translatable by machine translation system (the non-ITS information).

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At times, it may be useful or necessary to extend the set of information available for localization purposes beyond that provided by the ITS. Ideally, this supplementary information is drawn from a formalized or even standardized XML vocabulary (ie. a schema exists, and the schema has been accepted by a standards body like OASIS).

Ideally, the supplementary information can come in any of the following disguises:

  • element
  • attribute
  • attribute value

Adding elements and attributes could use the XML namespace mechanisms. Adding attribute values could be based on a naming conventions (by a "x-" prefix (e.g. )). See the extensibility provisions in XLIFF [1].

Thus, it seems that decisions about the following are needed:

  • Do we allow for extensibility at all?
  • Do we allow only for the extensibility of certain XML entities (e.g. 'only attribute values for ITS data
  category Y')?
  • Which extensibility mechanisms do we recommend/allow?