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Wiki Process

During the process of drafting topics when wrting for the ITS WG documents, the wiki pages used as draft can be labeled with different status indicating their state of readiness:

Initial Draft

The text is a first draft that needs to be reviewed.

This first review stage is to allow exploration of direction and scoping for the author. The authors should be ready to substantially modify their draft based on comments received.

Working Draft

The text is in a state where the author feels most of the issues have been addressed. All recieved comments have been acted on, and there is a concensus in the Working Group that the item has reached the stage of a Working Draft.

At this stage the authors can start working on the wordsmithing of the text. The content is stable, the wording may be ajusted.

Ready for Document

At this point the text in the wiki page seems ready to be incorporated in the document. Some final modification may be done in the document, but the wiki part is done.