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W3C Specifications are written by one or more editor following the work of a Working Group. In most recommendations, you will find the following sentences:

   Please submit comments on this document to the public mailing list (public archive). The Last Call period ends 30 April 2008.

Sending Comments on Specifications

When you send a comment about a W3C Specification it is very important to give at least these few details:

  • Give a meaningful Subject line.
  Ex: [html5] cite attribute in blockquote
  • Name of the Specification.
  Ex: HTML 5
  • Date and Status of the document
  Ex: W3C Working Draft 22 January 2008
  • dated URI of the document
  • Precise section you are commenting on
  Ex: 3.8.5. The blockquote element
  • and if possible a link to this section

Then you can write your comment. It will help the editors to not exactly what you are referring to, what is the context, etc.

  • If you are commenting about a feature, it is easier to cite specific text. Don't be too long though, just select the part which is at the core of your comment.
  • Describe the problem clearly without making assumptions about the knowledge of the editors. There are things which seem natural for you, but are not necessary clear for the editors. Give context.
  • It is also very important to distinguish between specifications and implementations. Your report is about feature to be implemented or being implemented in a software.
  • Most of the time, do not comment without giving suggestions for improving the text in a way that corrects the error.
  • If your comment is an attempt at fixing the specification for better interoperability, give one or more TestCase which demonstrate your proposal. The WorkingGroup will be more than grateful for it.

Working Group (Editors) Expectations

@@time for replying, consensus, process, etc.@@

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