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In WebArchitecture, some people think that only some subclass of Resources can legitimately have Representations. For discussion purposes, this class has been called "InformationResource". If you think all Resources can legitimately have Representations, you need a different definition of InformationResource. If people in both camps on this issue (TAG:httpRange-14) can agree on what an InformationResource is, it might help. Let's try for WikiConsensus.

Test Cases

In this section, let's list Resources or simple groups of Resources and see if we can reach consensus on whether each one is an InformationResource or not.

  • A mailing list. No.
  • A mailing list archive. Yes.
  • A dog. No.
  • A picture of a dog. Yes.
  • The Sun. No.
  • A web page about the Sun. Yes.
  • Tim Bray (a person). No.
  • Tim Bray's blog. Yes.

Thread-Mode Discussion. Put linear comments here.

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