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ISWC is an international conference on the SemanticWeb. The papers are published as a book by Springer-Verlag. Although the organisers and publishers do not make the papers publically available in electronic form, they do appear to allow authors to self-publish their work using TimBL's new-fangled World Wide Web system.

This document is intended to explore the possibility for a communally-edited public index of these decentralised publications forISWC2004, providing Semantic Web researchers with a taster for the materials presented at the conference and which are gathered in a more convenient, bound and bookshelf-friendly form by Springer-Verlag.

Disclaimer: this document is not a formal publication of Springer-Verlag, and is for many readers likely to be a poor substitute for their more professionally packaged publication. In particular, please be aware that documents found online, although having similar or identical titles to the final published versions, may be old copies, contain errors, etc.

Other ideas: instead of wiki-listing the papers, list the attendees and point a FOAF+DublinCore crawler at their homepages, and crawl metadata from those pages which points to full papers, abstracts etc. This would need a bit of work and advocacy but might be interesting. Shouldn't of course be limited to ISWC conferences, but to SW research publications in general..

See also (unrelated): ISWC2004 annotations portal (Rdf harvesting? @@details...)

Some TODOs for the energetic: search for more papers, maybe ping some authors see if some URLs missing from Google, add links to S-V abstracts, ... previous year confs? link to S-V docs explaining rules for self-archival? (@@url?)...

Hmm Google finds ISWC04-cd, which somewhat takes the fun out of Googling for the author's self-archived copies of these papers. Perhaps continue Googling on the assumption that the CD image might go away? Mail Frank?