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html2rdf is an [x]html -> rdf RDFizer written in XSLT which just extracts information in <a href="?">...</a>. (download: html2rdf.xslt). Status: buggy, deferred.

Related Work


Sorry to direct you here. I just want to know if there is already similar work. If you know any, would you mind put it in Related Work? By the way, I hate XSLT so much, it is the hardest language I have ever used. It is better used as XML -> HTML rather than the converse (HTML -> rdf+XML). I believe we should have a N3-like language for this type of RDFizer. Due to above reasons, I did't list MicroModels as Related Work. Sorry if this page bothers.

Feature of html2rdf

  • May be used for RDF browsers that use labels(say, dc:title) for objects
  • May encourage some neat bookmark or browsing history system using ideas of Semantic Web


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