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  • What is your role at W3C (chair, ac rep, wg participant, ab)?
  • What is your role within your own organization (@@...@@@)
  • What are the most frequent actions you take on the Member Web site?
    • What is the click sequence you use to accomplish those today?
  • What information have you sought and have not easily found?
  • Are there any actions you have wanted to do but not tried because you knew or just thought the service was unavailable?
  • Have you used the W3C site map?
  • What would you recommend we simplify?
    • Easier manage list of W3C participants affiliated with the organization (e.g., quick way to tell sysreq someone is no longer affiliated)
  • Is there any trend data that would be useful to you?
    • E.g., evolution of participants in a given Working Group over time
    • E.g., view of changes in group sizes across all groups

Member home page

  • Did you know there is a Member home page?
  • Do you use the existing Member home page?
    • @@Let's find out if non AC Reps use the member home page
  • What would be on your ideal Member home page?
    • What are the main actions you would want to do on a home page?
  • Rate the importance of this information on the Member home page:
    • Calendar of upcoming events
    • Current AC Reviews
    • Recent publications
    • Recently created groups (to join)
  • Should the Member home page be a dashboard, with some information or links specific to you, such as:
    • Identity (name, affiliation)
    • Finding who from your organization is in which groups?
  • If you need to find a relevant person from your organization for some purpose, what are the frequent queries you have?)
  • What administrative tools do you commonly use?
  • Would it be useful for all people in your organization to have a space on w3.org to exchange information among yourselves?
  • How important is a mobile version of the Member site?
  • There's a lot of information useful to Members on the public site (e.g., spec status). How important is rapid access to it from the Member site? (As opposed to just from the W3C home page).