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How to use HTML and RDF together

The Web of Data is understood as an extension of the Web of Documents, arrived at by utilizing URIs and RDF to represent structured metadata. However, it is still not clear and/or obvious for most beginners how to mix RDF into their HTML. Based on this, we agreed to have a stab on this issue. Basically there is already lots of existing work out there (such as EmbeddingRDFinHTML and RDF in HTML). However, the material is somewhat scattered, does not sufficiently address recent technologies, and/or tackles real-world issues only on the surface. Hence the idea to create a SWIG Note to collect all this information and put it into context.

Table of Contents (a proposal)

  1. Motivation, Use Cases, Big Picture
  2. How to obtain RDF from HTML
    1. Map HTML to RDF (GRDDL)
    2. Extract embedded RDF from HTML (eRDF, RDFa)
    3. Load separate RDF file referenced by HTML (link alternate)
  3. Real-World Issues (select the right tool for the right task)
    1. Valid Documents
    2. From HTML4 over XHTML 1.0/2.0 to HTML5
    3. Microformats
  4. Advanced Issues
    1. Pro and Cons of the Approaches
    2. Content Negotiation
    3. Scalability and Performance Issues
    4. Trust Issues