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This page lists use cases for HTML Data as part of the discussion of the HTML Data TF.

Embedding Data in HTML

This section brings together general use cases for embedding data within HTML.

Events listing with Rich Snippets and Google Map
Many sites have lists of events. With, these events can show up in Rich Snippets. Using Google Maps, a map of the events can also be provided.
If HTML data is used, the author can get both of these benefits without having to actually understand the code. They can copy/paste an Event example, replace the example data with their own, and use the jQuery plugin jquery-ui-maps, which can parse both microdata and RDFa to get the data.
Because HTML data formats were used with, the content author gets two for the price of one: Rich Snippets and cut-and-paste use of a jQuery plugin.
jQuery Map:
Rich Snippet:

Publishing in Multiple Formats

This section describes situations where users may wish to publish documents that use multiple formats.

Consuming Multiple Formats

This section describes situations where people might need to consume documents that use multiple formats.

  • process data encoded in microdata, RDFa and microformats (reference?)

Use Case Guide

Use cases should provide as much of the following information as possible:

a short name that can be used to refer to the use case
any necessary information about the domain of the use case that helps to explain it
how HTML data is used in the use case, with either embedded examples of the markup or pointers to material that otherwise illustrates it
what makes this use case different from others? why was markup used in the way described rather than an alternative?
pointers to implementations that generate and/or consume HTML data in this form, or ideas for such implementations