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A quote is a piece of text extracted from another source that you had to your text as a reference.

Quote Use Cases

  • excerpt of a poem, text from a book or an article
  • excerpt of a text on another weblog, or another comment in a weblog.

Code examples

Using XHTML 1.0

<blockquote class="citation" cite="" xml:lang="fr">
	<p>Mesme effect qu'ont les vents enclos dessous la terre<br/>
	Qui d'un coup ennemy causent le tremblement<br/>
	Dont on voit renverser jusques au fondement<br/>
	Tant de belles citez, vray presage de guerre :</p>
<p class="reference"><cite class="titre"><a href="">Mesme effect qu'ont les vents enclos dessous la terre</a></cite>, <cite class="auteur">Etienne Jodelle</cite></p>

Using XHTML 1.0 + Microformats

Using XHTML 1.0 + RDFa


See also

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