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This page is here to help transition the transfer of:


Work Mode

The HTML Working Group work mode is documented on the wiki:


Face to Face

next face-to-face (f2f) meeting is:


The HTML Working Group holds teleconferences every:

  • Thursday 09:00 Pacific Time (currently PDT -0700) on the Zakim teleconference bridge

Agenda/Status/Minutes, see the latest archives by date of:

and look for keywords in subjects like:

  • {agenda}
  • {minutes}
  • meeting
  • telcon

Sometimes you might also find telcon/agenda/minutes related information here:

Afterwards check the IRC logs for discussion:

and minutes are archived by date (edit the YYYY/MM/DD in this URL to today)

Past Meetings

Meetings 2014

Meetings 2013

Meetings 2012


Revised Charter

The formal objections on the Revised HTML charter:

Extensions Experiment

The Revised Charter contains a provision for allowing HTML Extensions to be brought to the group with a more liberal license. Some issues