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Change Proposal Template


Describe the change in approximately one to five paragraphs of plain language.


Describe the reason for the change. What problems does the proposal address, and how does the proposal makes things better?


Use one of the following ways to provide the specifics of your proposal:

  1. A set of edit instructions, specific enough that they can be applied without ambiguity.
  2. Spec text for a draft to be published separate from HTML5 (though such a draft can be proposed at any time without a Change Proposal).
  3. Exact spec text for the sections to be changed, and a baseline revision for the version of the spec being changed.
  4. With prior permission from the chairs, a high-level prose description of the changes to be made.


Positive Effects

  • List advantages

Negative Effects

  • List disadvantages

Conformance Classes Changes

Describe what conformance classes will have to change.


Describe any risks.


  • List references