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Requirements on the proposed URI Note

Please don't add items below "In scope" unless approved ahead of time by the BioRDF subgroup and the document editor.

For the editor's elaboration on these requirements and examples of solutions that have been suggested, please see ../UriNoteRequirements. See also [[/../../Work_Plan|work plan]], ../RequirementsTalk.

In scope

Here are the areas the document needs to cover:

  • For our own resources, what URIs to mint and what contracts to adhere to regarding well-definedness and documentation
  • What particular URI's to use for resources related to public databases (esp. database records) (>4 proposals on table)
    • What entity is responsible for choosing and maintaining these URIs
  • How to get stuff
    • How to use a URI to get metadata (RDF) about an identified resource
    • How to use a URI to retrieve the bits of an information resource

Here are some other important areas that the document needs to discuss (but not necessarily solve):

  • How to deal with unusual situations while getting stuff (see above)
    • broken links
    • non-locator URIs (e.g. urn:, info:)
    • locally cached information
  • Versioning

Not in scope