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LSID Pros & Cons

Recognized Issues needing to be addressed

Please describe usage of LSIDs in terms of known or perceived pros and cons.

Description Pros
LSID Non-URL Path Entity can be moved without changing URI
LSID has its own, standardized resolvement mechanism Someone has already done the work
LSIDs start with urn:, not with http: Nobody mistakes them for HTTP-resolvable URLs
Includes revisioning Can refer explicitly to a specific version of an identifiable resource, example: urn:lsid:ncbi.nlm.nig.gov:[[GenBank]]:T48601:2 refers to the second version of an entry in GenBank. In life sciences, databases are continually updated.
General transform for making LSID work with HTTP Simple Concatenation to resolution site, e.g., http://lsid.org/lsid:myorg.org:namespace:objectid:v1
Usage of LSID There are many users of LSID, e.g. Taverna, Ubio, BioMoby, Taxonomic Databases Working Group, Hapmap project, Pseudogene, BioPathways, Kim, GBIF