HCLSIG BioRDF Subgroup/Meetings/2006-05-15 Conference Call

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Conference Details

  • Date of Call: Monday May 15, 2006
  • Time of Call: 11:00am Eastern Time
  • Dial-In #: +1.617.761.6200 (Cambridge, MA)
  • Participant Access Code: 246733 ("BIORDF")
  • IRC Channel: irc.w3.org port 6665 channel #BioRDF (see W3C IRC page for details, or see Web IRC)
  • Duration: ~1 hour
  • Convener: Susie Stephens
  • Scribe: Olivier Bodenreider


Davide Zaccagnini, Olivier Bodenreider, Alan Ruttenberg, Kei Cheung, John Barkley, Andy Seaborne, Scott Marshall, Ora Lassila, Susie Stephens


Davide Zaccagnini gave a demo of Tessi, the NLP tool developed by his company, Language and Computing. Analyzed is a piece of clinical text about a patient admitted for chest pain, using SNOMED CT, a clinical terminology, as the target coding system.

Features of Tessi highlighted by Davide include:

  • pronoun resolution and disambiguation
  • specification of the context of a finding (subject, modality, negation)
  • frequency of occurrence for each concept extracted
  • underlying XML representation
  • additional necessary and sufficient conditions in the background knowledge system, compared to what is provided by SNOMED CT

The input file and the XLM file exported from Tessi will be made available on the mailing list shortly. Also available form here:

  • XML structure encoding subj|pred|obj relationships: [1]
  • html view of a processed medical document: [2]