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Task: HCLSIG Data Wrapper Task

Task Objectives: This HCLSIGTask is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of wrapping traditional HCLSIG related formats for representing data (e.g. Word, Excel, XML, Relational databaes) and exposing this data in terms of the Semantic Web. This "wrapping" is analogous to the current web which exposed the files that were stored in Archie, Gopher, FTP and made them availiable to a larger hyperlinked community. This task will identify tools, techniques, services, best practices and gaps in current available toolkits for converting structured data into RDF.

Task Coordinator: @@ who? @@

Duration: Feb 1, 2006 - May 1, 2006

Participants: EricMiller, BrianGilman, @@ who else? @@

Expected Deliverable(s):

- An identification of the key formats used in the HCLSIG community

- A list of tools and services designed to wrap and expose traditional HCLSIG related formats in RDF/XML

- Identification of gaps in existing tools and indication of where future work / tools are needed; A list of "Blue Sky" tools that open source / industry would consider addressing.

Key Formats: @@ what are they? @@

Wrappers: @@ pair up formats to wrappers; list tools and or services here. @@

Blue Sky: @@ it would really be great if we had... @@

Related Use Cases:

- @@ list related use cases here @@

Related Tasks:


Sample data:

- full GeneLogic data in Excell (via email)

Potentially useful resources not yet classified waiting for review by group:

- Relational Databases on the Semantic Web , Tim Berners-Lee

- Case Study: FeDeRate for Drug Research , Eric Prud'hommeaux

- D2RQ Treating Non-RDF Databases as Virtual RDF Graphs

- Simile RDF'izers

- Simile Screen Scrapers ; some example scrapers including NCBI scraper may be of use

- Adding Semantics to Excel with Microformats and GRDDL, Mark Nottingham

- Exposing relational data on the Semantic Web with CROSS