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Use case

OWL Reasoning for Patient Classification


Convert pharmacogenomic and pharmacological datasets to RDF/OWL and map them to the extended Translational Medicine Ontology. Explore how OWL 2 reasoning and SPARQL rules / SPARQL inferencing notation (SPIN) can be used to classify individual patients to patient classes for stratification, to improve knowledge base consistency, and to create alerts, reminders and recommendations for decision support in clinical routine. Explore how the RDF/OWL technology stack can assist the interpretation of genetic patient data for identifying risk factors and to optimize medication choice.

Projected timeframe

February 2012 - February 2013.


Who are the main actors?

Value Proposition

Does the use case capture current behavior, improved or novel functionality? What is the significance or impact of having such functionality?


What steps would be taken to achieve the task? Compare and contrast with other, related work.


What components are required to successfully complete the task? Do any of the components already exist? If so, indicate their strengths, weaknesses and availability (free, license, etc)


  • Software: SW data/ontology/kb, rules/mappings/queries, application, user interface
  • Written: Journal article
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Success Criteria

By what criteria will the project success be established?: