HCLSIG/Use case/Embedding in clinical environments

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Use case

Embedding semantic technologies in clinical environments (alignment with HL7 and OpenCDS)


what are we trying to achieve?

Projected timeframe

March 2012 - March 2013


Who are the main actors?

  • (Under construction)
  • Please add your name if interested!

Value Proposition

Does the use case capture current behavior, improved or novel functionality?

What is the significance or impact of having such functionality?


What steps would be taken to achieve the task?

Compare and contrast with other, related work.


What components are required to successfully complete the task?

Do any of the components already exist? If so, indicate their strengths, weaknesses and availability (free, license, etc)


Describe each component that will be developed along with the expected timeframe and necessary resources - human and otherwise. Examples include:

  • software: SW data/ontology/kb, rules/mappings/queries, application
  • written: W3C note, journal article


Identify individuals and organizations that will participate in the project, and the capacity in which they will do so.

Success Criteria

By what criteria will the project success be established? Examples include: