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HCLS Business Case Template


a short title that succinctly describes the use case


what are we trying to achieve?


Who are the main actors?


Give a brief summary of the idea

Value Proposition

Does the use case capture current behavior, improved or novel functionality?

What is the significance or impact of having such functionality?


What steps would be taken to achieve the task?

Compare and contrast with other, related work.


What components are required to successfully complete the task?

Do any of the components already exist? If so, indicate their strengths, weaknesses and availability (free, license, etc)


Describe each component that will be developed along with the expected timeframe and necessary resources - human and otherwise. Examples include:

  • software: SW data/ontology/kb, rules/mappings/queries, application, user interface
  • written: W3C note, journal article, conference paper, workshop paper
  • oral: conference, workshop, seminar, boardroom presentation(s)


Identify individuals and organizations that will participate in the project, and the capacity in which they will do so.

Success Criteria

By what criteria will the project success be established? Examples include:

  • ability to confirm or uncover new disease-gene relationshi
  • ability to maps experimental results with LOD resources
  • ability to query across difference datasets using the gene ontology/your favorite ontology
  • training: expertise gained or transferred to partners
  • number of organizations that are using/extending the deliverable