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85% of the SNOMED relationships are isa. The rest come from the around 50 non-isa relationships in @@. As SNOMED was not trying to capture (model) computable properties, these isa relationships map to:

  • rdfs:subClassOf
  • rdfs:subPropertyOf
  • rdf:type
  • owl:equivalentClass
  • owl:oneOf
  • owl:unionOf

JohnM usually expresses isa as the semantically neutral snomed:isa in an inferencing system like Sesame. He chooses at data consumption time whether to add one of:

  • snomed:isa rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broader .
  • snomed:isa rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:subClassOf .

and leverage the ensuing inferences.

Peter Hendler (Kaiser Permanente) had modeled SNOMED in OWL.