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Annotation Framework Bonanza

July 12, 2010, Harvard IIC Offices, Cambridge, Ma


Next steps

1. Form a community:

  • Post slides: Anita (hereby)
  • Connect to HCLS Sig Scientific Discourse group? Tim/Eric invite everyone (who wanted to be) here to HCLS Sig
  • Get everyone here added to the AO Google group: Paolo/Tim do

2. Discuss various integration efforts:

  • Discuss: how to point to a place in a document: Ron Daniel and Paolo lead, involve Eric P, Utopia group
  • Discuss connection between CRAFT/SciKnowMine/U-Compare and AO as an example of integration: Gully/Karin/Paolo/Sophia and Yoshinobu Kano follow up
  • Add Elsevier corpus to these efforts: Ron/Ellen/Anita follow up
  • Integration BioCatalogue and AO: Carole/Jiten- Paolo/Tim
  • Investigate links to OpenAnnotation.org: Carole’s group to lead


  • Larry Hunter - U Colorado, Denver: Larry.Hunter@ucdenver.edu
  • Karin Verspoor - U Colorado, Denver: Karin.Verspoor@ucdenver.edu
  • Ron Daniel - Elsevier Labs, San Fransisco: r.daniel@elsevier.com
  • Anita de Waard - Elsevier Labs, Vt: a.dewaard@elsevier.com
  • Ellen Hays - Elsevier Labs, Boston: e.hays@elsevier.com
  • Sophia Ananiadou U Manchester, UK: Sophia.Ananiadou@manchester.ac.uk
  • Jiten Bhagat - U Manchester, UK: jits@cs.man.ac.uk
  • Carole Goble - U Manchester, UK: carole.goble@manchester.ac.uk
  • Stuart Owen - U Manchester, UK: sowen@cs.manchester.ac.uk
  • Katy Wolstencroft - U Manchester, UK: katy@cs.man.ac.uk
  • Tim Clark - Harvard IIC - MGH, Boston: tim_clark@harvard.edu
  • Paolo Ciccarese - Harvard IIC - MGH, Boston: paolo.ciccarese@gmail.com
  • Sudeshna Das - Harvard IIC - MGH, Boston: sudeshna_das@harvard.edu
  • Gully Burns ISI/USC , LA: gullyburns@gmail.com
  • Phoebe Roberts – Pfizer, Boston: Phoebe.roberts@pfizer.com
  • Dietrich Rebholz-Shumann - EBI, UK: rebholz@ebi.ac.uk