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Next meeting 1/3/10, 9am/2 pm/3 pm


  1. Paolo walks us through example of annotation in SWAN.
  2. Example of SWAN 1.2 triples taken from this AlzSWAN hypothesis - SWAN Content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License (the "Creative Commons License") - See terms of use
  3. Tudor walks us through his marked up document in SALT
  4. News/demo from CWA?


We agreed that the next course of action consists of four parts:

  1. Identify blocks of text, 'coarse-grained rhetorical structure'
    • a) Tim sends Anita list of journals SWAN uses
 b. Anita holds these against the 'Medium-grained structure'
 c. We determine a 'Chinese menu' for coarse-grained structure
  1. Structure for Claims/Hypotheses:
    • a) Within a document (like with 'core sentences' in abcde)
 b. 'On top' of a document (like with SWAN)
 c. What is the minimal structure of a claim?
 d. How can claim be minimally made accessible, e.g. DOI/URI, aTags structure, etc.
  1. Relations
    • a) Between text blocks
 b. Between claims
 c. This builds on the SWANSIOC/CiTO merger
 d. Will use PRISM and other existing standards
 e. Done as a separate task within the HCLS group, not within our remit. 
  1. Formal presentation of the above.

These steps will be taken sequentially - step 3 is not within our remit.