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Rhetorical Document Structure Group HCLS SIG W3C, Phone Meeting January 11th 2010

Attendees: Tudor Groza (TG), Paolo Ciccarese (PC), Keith Gutfreund (KG), Anita de Waard (AdW - chair + scribe), Alexandre Passant (AP), Jodi Schneider (JS)



  • Where do references fit in?
    • References should be linked from within rhetorical blocks, but their modeling is not in the scope of the group
    • Connection with the CITO + SWAN citation module that do model references
  • Replace the use of the term ontology with model or set of rhetorical elements
  • Refinement of objectives
    • Addition of O3 - practical application of the resulted model on scientific documents
    • Addition of O4 - dissemination of achievements
  • Consider not-objectives
    • Domain-specific knowledge modeling
    • References modeling

Action items

  • Tudor: create ABCDE table for discussions
  • Tudor: create draft group roadmap
  • Keith: share references on arguments modeling


  • Next call: January 25th 2010 , 9AM Boston / 2PM Irish / 3PM Amsterdam ??