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Rhetorical Document Structure Group HCLS SIG W3C, Phone Meeting December 14 2009

Attendees: Tudor Groza (TG), Paolo Ciccarese (PC), Keith Gutfreund (KG), Anita de Waard (AdW - chair + scribe), Alexandre Passant (AP)


ABCDE Presentation

  • Overview
    • developed as a LaTEX stylesheet
    • markup the paper based on 3 sections: Background, Contribution and Discussion
  • Background
    • Introduction, context, etc
  • Contribution
    • general term for Methods and results
    • all kinds of sections talking about own work
  • Discussion
    • comparing own work to existing work
  • Annotation
    • DC terms on creator, title, subject
  • Core sentences
    • main sentences of the paper
    • would replace somehow the abstract -> towards the structured digital abstract
  • Entities
    • references for example
    • triples that link sentences (or discourse elements) to external items (maybe via relations)

Action items

  • Tudor: update the Introduction of the working group
  • Anita: up a single document in biology - and add abcde tags (and make suggestions for more fine-grained tags) + make a table which we will discuss
  • Tim: update use case (including some links) with the major classes of publications; look at existing DTDs:
    • NLM DTD: [2]
    • Elsevier journal DTD: [3]
    • Highwire DTD: [4]
    • Biomed central DTD: [5]
  • Keith: markup and/or test the tools on documents looking at the automated tools (Anita will send him the test documents).


  • Next call: January 8th 2010, 9AM Boston / 2PM Irish / 3PM Amsterdam