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Rhetorical Structure Group HCLS SIG W3C, Phone Meeting November 23 2009

Attendees: Tim Clark, Tudor Groza, Paolo Ciccarese, Mike Taylor, Anita de Waard (scribe).

Action items

  1. Let's use the SWASD wiki to communicate: Paolo to sort out access.
  2. Use cases. We will work out the use cases before the next meeting:
    • a) Computer science (conference) paper - at a block/paragraph level - Tudor.
    • b) Pharmacology hypothesis paper - at a sentence level - Anita.
    • c) Neuroscience paper - also integrating entities, and using SWAN use cases - Paolo.
    • d) Organic Chemistry paper? Anita to poll Egon Willighagen to see if he wants to help on this: http://chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/
    • e) Anita to dig around for other HCLS use cases as a model, and send around the link.
  3. Document model.
    • Questions:
      1. One model, or several?
      2. From scratch, or using existing?
      3. Retro/proactive?
  4. Conclusions:
    1. We will use a Chinese menu approach: offer a range of options, choose simplest one for simplest use case; add others as needed.
    2. Start with simplest approach (abcde) and add elements to that. E.g. for Review, Experimental Paper, Methods paper you need other sections.

Next meeting: December 1, 9 am Boston, 2 pm UK/Ireland, 3 pm Amsterdam.