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Rule-based eScience Infrastructure

Project Proposal

A rule-based eScience inference infrastructure in the domain of Health Care and Life Science, which will dynamically integrate, by the use of rules and common query languages, existing Web-based scientifiy services and datasources such as UniProt, GoPubMed, EMBL-EBI Patent Abstracts, W3C HCLS Knowledge Base, ... and many other services. The aim is to provide a distributed Rule Responder agent/service infrastructure which allows asking scientific queries to this emerging eScience infrastructure and solve scientific taks. Rules are used in distributed agent services to describe complex (expert) decision logic, reactive (behavioural) process logic and transformation logic on top of the dynamically integrated knowledge sources.

Common interchange formats such as the W3C Rule Interchange Format (W3C RIF) is used to communicate between the rule-based agents, e.g. to interchange queries, answers or upload rule sets.

Ideas / Thoughts

Rule Responder Project http://responder.ruleml.org/

Rule Responder HCLS Expert Finder Use Case http://ibis.in.tum.de/projects/paw/hcls/ http://ibis.in.tum.de/projects/paw/docs/ResponderHCLS_slides.pdf