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Conference Details

  • Date of Call: Thursday October 7, 2010
  • Time of Call: 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), 16:00 British Summer Time (BST), 17:00 Central European Time (CET)
  • Dial-In #: +1.617.761.6200 (Cambridge, MA)

[NOTE new numbers for European dial-in]

  • Dial-In #: + (France)
  • Dial-In #: +44.203.318.0479 (UK)
  • Participant Access Code: 4257 ("HCLS").
  • IRC Channel: irc.w3.org port 6665 channel #HCLS (see W3C IRC page for details, or see Web IRC), Quick Start: Click on mibbit for instant IRC access.
  • Duration: ~1h
  • Convener: Scott
  • Scribe: TBD



Meeting: HCLS tasks interop meeting

07 Oct 2010

See also: http://www.w3.org/2010/10/07-hcls-minutes.html

Scott, Kei, Michel, Susie, Tim, Joanne, Eric, 
Chair: Scott
Scribe: Michel

scientific discourse
translational medicine ontology
Summary of Action Items
<ericP> scribenick: michel

kei: devoted 2 years to biordf, has high workload this term
... M. Scott Marshall to lead biordf
... biordf paper accepted to provenance workshop in iswc 2010
... will be revising and resubmit in the next little bit
mscottm: thanks Kei for all his effort to chair biordf and bring it to where it has gone
kei: intends to continue participating in whatever capacity he can
susie: wants to recognize kei's contribution
scientific discourse

timC initial 7 threads
scribe: 2 are done - SWAN SIOC integration
... Concept Web Alliance has adopted SWAN-SIOC
... remaining: rhetorical document model - semantically tag and identify sections of documents e.g. materials and methods
... discourse and data - SWAN-SIOC and myexperiment and OBI
... will be able to cite experimental data and workflows
... bibliographic ontology - David Shotton group, Elsevier and a few others - integrate SWAN with CITO
... links to schema from library of congress
... other models for bibliographic records - BiBO
... alignment with text mining community - via annotation ontology
... to provide framework for identifying SW concepts - entities, processes - in free text articles and mapping ontology terms into the document
... interest from numerous text miners - manchester, u washington, usc, u colorado, harvard, elsevier & nature, deri
<mscottm> Minutes from the last SciDisc call: http://www.w3.org/2010/10/04-hcls2-minutes.html
<jluciano> sorry i'm late
mscottm text mining and RDF are going hand in hand - pistoia (sp?) alliance
scribe: jon wise has been appointed director for pistoia;
... innovative medicine - pharma matches money for a given project - barend mons - is going forward
... semantic web and text mining will mutually benefit from one another
timc in publishing data to the SW
scribe: either like biordf - take ontology and instantiate it with data
... or can you generate SW data from scientific articles
joanne - how do we engage these groups into hcls
mscottm pistoia has a clear mission and milestones and deliverables
scribe: which they wanted to control
... more and more projects will start up doing similar things
... hopefully we can make our results clear enough so that they adopt the approaches we taken
ericp we drive from paper to paper
scribe: we certainly can make our milestones and deliverables more obvious
<Zakim> ericP, you wanted to talk about deliverables and accountability
susie pistoia was more web service centric
scribe: wanted to do their work in a certain way
... as a group we could start doing strategy work to involve such groups
... prism / prime involves senior people in pharma & it - meetings to exchange information - e..g sharing patient centric data for data mining
... meeting proper to discuss merger, company updates
<scribe> ... new innovative projects, r&d portfolio
UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: how to manage employees
mscottm pistoia now quite interested in HCLS approach wrt to terminological services
<ericP> i see a difference between using web service to get at ontologies vs. using RDF and sparql to insert those ontologies into a graph

ericP radiology, pathology reports - how to make sure that findings coiincide
scribe: HL7 - interested in COI demo; push queries from SPARQL to relational engines
<ericP> http://www.w3.org/2010/10/06-SDTM-HL7-DB.html.en
<ericP> http://www.w3.org/2010/10/06-SDTM-HL7-DB.html.fr
scribe: will keep inviting them to the calls

susie recent calls on progress for making more sources of data available
scribe: linked version of UMLS, WHO datasets
... triplemap software uses LODD datasets
... write a paper to special issue from ACS workshop paper - allen brain atlas; triplemap software
... best practices paper still required
... more complexity in making linked data available
<ericP> michel: if i go to the triplemap website, i don't learn much
<ericP> ... is there a presentation i can see?
<ericP> Susie: i've got (huge - 6M) slides which i can send to people
<ericP> ... chris started a small company, getting interest in the software so he's not been marketing to date
<ericP> Susie, if you post to www-archive , you can then get the link from browsing http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2010Oct/
translational medicine ontology

<mscottm> michel: we're largely focused on an article that resulted from SIG Ontology meeting, to be published in JBS
<mscottm> ..Matthias is looking at using Big OWLIM to see how TMO can be populated with LODD data sets and patient data.
<mscottm> ..Big OWLIM enables us to use OWL next to SPARQL - which wasn't possible with Virtuoso
<ericP> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/TMO-Indivo/
<mscottm> Eric: Managed to get a test harness for the patient queries
scribe: alignment to cpr underway http://code.google.com/p/cpr-ontology/
<mscottm> ..Next step is to align this with Chimezie's CPR. I've aligned this with Indivo so that you can see the Indivo representation in XML.

ericP is dormant
mscottm overlap between terminology and COI
Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]