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HCLS is having a WWW2010 get-together in Raleigh, NC, USA!

Everyone is welcome! (i.e. non-HCLS'ers are welcome!)

WHEN: Monday, April 26, 6:00 pm or wander in anytime after (following afternoon Workshops at WWW2010)

UNTIL: Exhaustion or inebriation sets in

WHERE: Bu-ku Restaurant website, map, 110 East Davie Street, Raleigh, NC‎ - (919) 834-6963‎

We guarantee:

  • pleasant atmosphere (look for us out on the patio!!)
  • good food
  • selection of tasty beverages
  • in walking distance of Convention Center
  • and, of course...excellent companionship

The HCLS workshop is on Monday morning from 9-12:30, and MedEx2010 Workshop follows from 2-5:30.

See other schedule highlights for Monday here.

We'd like a rough estimate of the number of people who might attend. If you think you might be there,

  • add your name to the list below OR
  • send an email to John Madden.

I will (possibly/probably/definitely) be there:

  • John Madden
  • Kei Cheung
  • JunZhao
  • Sean Bechhofer
  • Laurent Alquier
  • Eric Miller
  • Jason Hoyt
  • Andrea Splendiani (had to cancel because of volcano in Europe)
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Sudeshna Das
  • Hilary Spencer
  • Martha Ventilla
  • Nancy Shepherd
  • Carole Goble (at risk)
  • Xiao Dong
  • Karanaker Reddy
  • Matt Cherian
  • ericP (at risk)
  • Sidd Casjdhfkasfl
  • Jason Skowrowski
  • your name here!!!