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Authorship Guidelines

  • The order of authors should reflect individual contributions to the work described in the paper and in the writing of the paper itself.
  • Incremental work since previous papers should be weighted most highly to reward recent effort and encourage newcomers to participate.
  • Be generous with attribution and make sure that no one who has contributed is left out (at a minimum this refers to the acknowledgements).
  • Use alphabetical order for participants who have contributed very similar amount of work.
  • Be transparent about authors and author order during task calls.
  • In the case of a dispute, the HCLS co-chairs will decide upon the order of the authors.
  • The task and HCLS should be acknowledged in all HCLS related papers (e.g. This work was undertaken in the Linking Open Drug Data task of W3C’s Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group).
  • If a task wishes to submit a paper to an open access journal, all contributors should be co-authors regardless of whether they are able to contribute to a publication fee.