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Abstracts and Slides from the HCLS Workshop at ISWC 2006

  • Irene Celino - Squiggle Med: Semantic Search for Medical Digital Library Abstract Slides
  • Dario Cerizza - Semantic Discovery of Medical Advice Services with Glue Abstract Slides
  • Huajun Chen - A Semantic Web Framework for Integrating Relational Neuroscience Databases Abstract [Slides]
  • Kei-Hoi Cheung - AlzPharm: A Light-Weight RDF Warehouse for Integrating Neurodegenerative Data Abstract Slides
  • Peter Gabel - Extrapolating and Fusing Knowledge about Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Thaliana to Oil Biosynthesis in Brassica Napus Abstract [Slides]
  • Carole Goble - Getting Serious about a Community Bio-Service Catalogue Abstract [Slides]
  • Ranga Chandra Gudivada - Relevance-Ranking and Inferencing of Disease Phenotype, Etiology, Pathophysiological Mechanism, and Therapeutic Opportunities Using Biomedical Semantic Web Methodologies Abstract [Slides]
  • Marja-Riitta Koivunen - Personalized and Sharing Classifications of Life Sciences and Health Care Information with Semantic Tagging Abstract Slides
  • Vipul Kashyap - BIONT Slides
  • Nikesh Kotecha - Pathway Knowledge Base: Integrating BioPAX compliant Pathway Knowledgebases Abstract Slides
  • Bhat Narayana - RDF Friendly Chemical Taxonomies for Semantic Web Abstract Slides
  • Eric Neumann - Drug Safety and Efficacy Task Force slides
  • Eric Neumann and Tonya Hongsermeier - Introduction to the HCLS Interest Group - slides
  • Chimezie Ogbuji - A Comprehensive Representation Methodology for Computer-based Patient Records Abstract Slides
  • Alan Ruttenberg - Experiences Collecting and Representing Information about Antibodies for the Semantic Web Abstract Slides
  • Alan Ruttenberg,Matthias Samwald, Jonathan Rees - Representation and Resolution of Digital Resources on the Semantic Web – an Ontology Based Approach Abstract Slides
  • Satya Sahoo - Adapting Resources to the Semantic Web: Experience with Entrez Gene Abstract Slides
  • Anju Sharma - Enabling the Semantic Reasoning in the Health Level 7 Clinical Document using the Web Ontology Language Abstract [Slides]
  • Arunkumar Srinivasan - A Semantic Framework for Global Disease Surveillance Abstract [Slides]
  • Susie Stephens - BioRDF Slides
  • Robert Stevens - The Semantics of Genomic Mapping Abstract Slides
  • Valentina Tamma - Semantic Based Recipe Suggestion Abstract [Slides]
  • Emanuele Della Valle - A Proposal for Building the European Patient Summary using Triple Space Computing Abstract [Slides]
  • Elizabeth Wu - The SWAN Hypothesis Manager in the Biomedical Knowledge Ecosystem Abstract Slides
  • Sumi Yoshikawa - Integrative Extension of Drug Interaction Ontology (DIO) to Herb-Drug and Food-Drug Interactions Abstract Slides