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Mappings of neuroscience ontologies and their advantages

SenseLab / OBI / Birnlex / BAMS / CARO / Relation ontology mapping


Original ontology
SenseLab OWL

Ontologies that are planned to be added

OBO cell ontology, OBO Chemical entities of biological interest, Gene Ontology (cellular compartment), SWAN ontology, Neurocommons annotations ontology (the latter two might be difficult to map because of the class-style / instance-style divide).

Techniques used for mapping

Manual mapping in Protege. Other ontologies were imported via owl:imports statements; the ontology imports over 100.000 triples in its current version. I looked at the classes in Senselab, searched for similar classes in other ontologies and made a mapping when I found something. The relations for the mapping used so far: owl:equivalentClass, owl:subclassOf, property restrictions on the ro:has_part property. I plan to try out programs that can make automated suggestions for mappings in the future (e.g. the PROMPT tab in Protege), but have not made use of them so far. Protege caused some problems during the mapping, I can describe them if someone is interested.

Contact for this mapping

matthias.samwald (at) meduniwien.ac.at

Add your mapping here

Add your mapping here

Tools for ontology mapping

http://ontologymatching.org/projects.html provides a list of tools that can be used for ontology mapping.