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Note: This page has not been updated since 2007, the information listed here might not be valid. PLEASE EDIT AND UPDATE THIS WIKI PAGE TO MAKE IT MORE COMPLETE.

Finding a common standard for the representation of bibliographic information

Many of the Semantic Web ontologies in the domain of HCLS contain constructs for the representation of bibliographic information and references to database entries. Unfortunately, it seems that most of them came up with their own solutions, which naturally leads to a lot of confusion, redundancy and missing interoperability.

Ontologies and metadata standards that could (should?) be re-used

The Bibliographic Ontology Specification Group (Google groups website) might be of interest.

Standard URIs for bibliographic entities

Besides the issues with differing ontologies, there are also widel differing URI schemes used for bibliographic entities, e.g.:

  • info URI scheme
  • LSIDs (e.g. for Pubmed entries)
  • ISBN URI scheme
  • (add something here)

Please be aware that the discussion about URI schemes is independent from the discussion about standard ontologies, and probably of a lower priority at the moment.