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  1. Quick Recap: ACPP Ontology based on Stroke and CABG Use Case
  2. Quick Recap: HL7 RIM V3 Disussion of RIM backbone, e.g., Act, Relationship, Role, etc.
  3. Quick Recap: Representation of ACPP Ontology elements wrt to RIM as a reference ontology
  4. Discussion of design choices related to the same.
    1. Should classes in the ACPP ontology be represented as subclasses of a RIM Classes?
    2. Should classes in the ACPP ontology be represented as instances of RIM Classes?
    3. What are the potential ramifications for the stroke and CABG use cases?
  5. Discussion of HL7 RIM critique
  6. Identify the elements of the GALEN Ontology applicable to the Stroke and CABS use cases
  7. For each element of ACPP ontology discuss cross-maps to GALEN and RIM and discuss pros and cons of each
  8. Discuss the feasibility of using GALEN/RIM classes as "building blocks" for ACPP Ontology
  9. Identify design issues and best practices for a healthcare domain ontology
  10. Identify gaps and refine ACPP ontology