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2nd F2F Action Items


  • Alan Ruttenberg, Jonathan Rees (lead) (with some help from EricN): URI resolution with ontologies (Jan 2007, maybe sooner if lucky)
  • ACPP
    • ACPP Ontology (Mid Nov. 06)
    • Temporal Reasoning (Dec, 06)
  • Helen Chen and Alan Ruttenberg: Assess whether enumerable classes can be used to handle controlled vocabularies ala HL7 qualifiers (RESOLVED, only verbal clarification needed)
  • BioONT+BioRDF: Parkinsons Use-Case: WorkingDraft Parkinson's Ontology
  • BioONT: Ontology Modeling and Mapping Note (Vipul)
  • DSE
    • CDISC's SDTM from a SW Perspective (Dec 06)
    • Retrospective DBs (JANUS) and SW based annotations and links (early 2007)
    • Provenance and trust (non-reputability) and security (mid 2007)


  • ACPP Demo of adaptable clinical workflows
  • BioOnt+BioRDF Parkinson's Collab Demo (April 2007)
  • DSE
    • SDTM Table and XML models using RDF (early 2007)
    • Retrospective DB (JANUS) with annotations and cross-references