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Banff2007 Informal F2F

~20 participants

These items are based on notes from the Informal Meeting at WWW2007 May 17

The topics raised at the informal gathering of 20 people inlcude:

Some Comments by Participants

Alan- issue of content negotiation; different URI's; need a theory for data records

   - solve data record issue first! return default RDF

Francois - why not adopt the uniprot:XXXX model? (part of Francois' 'Banff Manifesto')

Amit- Glycoproteins with different id's; need id mappers similar to 'same_as'

Mark Wilkinson - Promise always to keep data concept the same

  1. what is named by the URI
  2. namepsace listing
  3. Versioning

Alan- Contract space for what stays the same, what can/will change

Chris- Aggregates/Views and atomics

Alan- agree to follow up on these issues

Vote: split on Authority vs Community as the 'owner' of the URI

Additional items

  • purl.org + urn -- redirection issues
  • identifying what it would take to move toward common data URIs,

including reaching out to some data authorities

  • sharing and comparing some core life sciences semantics already

defined in projects (protein, publications, diseases, pathways, etc)