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Task Group Objectives

The ACPP Group is chartered to demonstrate best practices of expressing adaptable clinical workflow using semantic web technology including ontologies and rules. More specifically, the following aspects will be addressed:

  • Weighted Inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Workflow processes
  • Temporal relationship
  • Goal
  • Optional : A mechanism to evaluate the performance of pathways (variance)

If feasible the group will try to differentiate between medical oriented concepts and generic workflow concepts, leaving open the possibility to connect with existing or emerging generic workflow ontologies.

The group plans to examine and wherever feasible, integrate with other standards for nomenclature, reference information models, workflow and rules specifications including the HL7 Reference Information Model.


  • IG Work Note : Best Practices on Semantic Web for Adapatble Clinical Workflow.
    1. ACPP Ontology (working draft Mid Nov. 06)
    2. Temporal Reasoning (working draft Dec, 06)
  • Collaboration use case and ontology for Bench-Bedside Demo
a (possible Parkinson Disease Management Guideline (http://www.aan.com/professionals/practice/guideline/index.cfm)) 

Possible Artifacts

  • Demo of adaptable clinical workflows
  • IG Notes: Experiences on technological issues
  • Use Cases, Ontology and Rules derived from use cases.