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This is a proposal for a reorganization of the Art of Consensus Guide into different faceted documents

About the Guide

This Guidebook is intended to complement the W3C Membership Agreement and the W3C Process. This index page is Member-only, although some of the resources in the Guidebook are public.

You are expected to be familiar with the parts of this Guidebook that affect your work. Working Group chairs should get a "tour" from their team contact. Then take a look again, for example, if you're going to hold a face-to-face meeting; read the section on meetings.

If you need reminder about W3C terminology, look at the glossary (@@ check with dom)

Facet 1: Timeline

Create a Group

Setting up systems tools

Using systems tools

Maturing Group

Maintenance mode

  • Publishing Errata, resolving to publish a new edition or a new version.

Closing a group

Facet 2: by Role

About W3C Roles

Every WG Participant

Chair and Scribe

Staff Contact


Test lead

  • information about CVS


Facet 3: activities of a group

Build Consensus

Develop specification

Patent Stuff

Test and Implement

Promote your work

Facet 4: by Tool


  • Set up a Working-Group blog



  • get a wiki for collaborative editing
  • manage a wiki

tracking tools

  • Tracker for issues and action items tracking
  • Trackbot, an IRC-based interface to tracker
  • bugzilla can be used to track issues in a specification, and bugs in software/test suite

Polls and Questionaire

  • WBS is a web-based polling and questionaire system


  • Quick start guide for setting up tools for managing an agenda, generating minutes, and updating issues lists
  • Scribe 101: Taking meeting minutes using W3C IRC tools
  • Individual IRC tools ("bots"):

teleconference bridge