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Info/tools related to Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL)

A paragraph of intro to GRDDL should go here

W3C Note

data-view (includes background info, some pointers to implementations etc)

Dom's paper

Dom's slides

DanC's slides

Fabien's GRRDL slides on slideshare

Fabien and Harry slides at WWW07

Fabien's slides Takahashi style from WWW07

Raptor RDF parser includes GRDDL support as does the Rasqal RDF query library and Redland itself when querying with RDQL or SPARQL a data source that is XHTML. Rasqal query demo

W3C GRDDL Demo Service

GRDDL Demonstration Service


GRDDL capable XHTML profile (as an RDDL to designate an XSLT that can extract some generic properties from XHTML)

MicroModels (has links to XSLT)