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Support material for GRDDLing Atom Format. Motivation - see MicroModels

atom2rdfxml.xsl - in progress...

Framework Plans

  • get XSLT covering Atom (RFC 4287) to Atom/OWL (including validity checks? *)
  • add tests using RDFDiff over manually created samples
  • add DL consistency based checking (over instance data added to the ontology)
  • add rule-based validity checking (a la Schemarama2)

The last 3 should be automated. Will probably use Jena/Java. There is a load of Atom test data available with the feed validator.

Demo Plans

  • GRDDL service
  • validator
  • Embedded validity checks - some of the Atom spec requirements can be expressed as simple XPath tests, thisese could be included in the XSLT to produce triples like:

<> :validationError [

      dc:description "missing ID element"