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Jewelry Diamond Silver Jewelry Rough Stone Pearl Pearl Sterling Silver Pens Diamond Fashion Jewelry South Sea Pearl South Sea Pearl Metallic Costume Jewelry Coral Imitation Jewelry Imitation Jewelry Diamond Gems Stone Silver Jewelry Coral Shoes For Men Umbrellas For Sunlight Sunglasses Tablecloth And Cushion Covers Horsehide Gloves Horsehide Gloves Horsehide Gloves Halloween Customs T-Shirt 100% Cotton Yarn Fibers Polyester Yarn Latex Yarn Yarn Carpets Cotton Fabric And Cotton Knitting Fabric Textiles Men-s、Woment-s Tailored Clothing Textiles Textiles And Garments Clothing Fabric For Making Bag Leather Products For Fashion Garment Accessories Polyester Yarn Polyester Textured Yan 75D/36F Textile Thread Ladies-Fancy Underwear Corrugated Cardboard Box Perfume Container With Atomizer Plastic Sauces For Flower Pot Packaging Materials Packaging Materials & Containers Shipping Polyethylene Bags Appliances For Packaging Strip Packaging Films Packaging Films Plastic Packaging Paper Material All Kinds Of Natural Cosmetics Cosmetic Bags And Accessories Beauty Goods Cosmetics Raw Materials To make Air Fresheners And Perfumes Pigments Chemcial Products Ink Chemcial Products Fire Prevention Products TPR Outsoles ChemcialS Is Useful For Beauty Care Cosmetic Elastomers For Rubber PVC Sheeting Mosquito Expellers Laminated Film Mono Ethyleneglycol Chemical Materials Fosforic Acid Plastic Materials Ion Plating Ion Plating PVA Ion Plating Beverage As Follows:1.Premium V.O.Shaoshsing:4.Dozen 2.Hua Tiau:8 Dozen 3.Shaohsing V.O:4 Dozen 4.Taiwanese Beer:50 Dozen Castor Oil Extractions Frozen Seafood Frozen Seafood Frozen Seafood Special Milk Products Fish & Shrimp Feed Promotional Items Ultimate 6 Shooter Advertising/Promotional Pins Precuse Miniture Model Of Instruments Transmission Crayons Stationery Scrapbooking Stationery Papar Shredder Stationery;Toys; Houseware Office Supplies Office Supplies Fishing Lures In 7.5" Epdm Ruuber Sporting Goods 1.Preferably For Those With ISO 9001 Standard 2.Volume:1X20-Container Value:USD50 Fitness Goods Sporting Goods Sports Protective Device Sporting Ball Grips Sporting Goods Barbecues & Camping Appliances Baby Products : Nappy Fastener Plastic Products Plastic Products Mtal Gated And Spiral Stairs Wheelbarrows Floor Tiles And Building Hardware Aluminum Composite Panel Used In Building Cladding Manufacture Of Plywood Saintary Accessories Building Material Saintery Accessories Granite Plywood Building Materials Doors Ceiling Suspension Building Materials Hand Sinks Household Products Gardening Utensils Electrical Kitchen Ware House Cleaning Products Daily Bamboo And Rattan Furniture Office Chairs Furniture Furtinture Furniture Accessories Refrigeration Equipment Oxygen Generation Medical Electronics Machinery Parts For Medical Industry bearings ans autoparts Power Supplies For Medical Sterilization Products Medical Equipment Components Medical Equipment-s Medical Disposables Fitness Equipment-s; Medical Devices Mosquitto Repelling Products Medical Equipment Hospital Paper Products-Disposable Healthcare Products & Equipment; Medical & Surgical SUpplies; Diagnostic Products & Equipment Hospital & Medical Items Boat Propeller Motor Marine Electronics Engines Auto Motor On Bicycle Auto Parts Pneumatic Tyres Of All Kinds Carmats-Textile Or Rubber Auto Parts Security Systems Lifting Machines Car Refresher Of High Quality Gauges Motocycle Parts; Brace Hand Tools:Auto Spare Parts Break Pads Spare Parts For Lamborghini Cars Auto Spare Parts New Motor Vehicle Parts New Motor Vehicle Parts Lighting For Cars-Signaling Telecommunication Products Std Pco Billing Machine International Phone Scanner Of All Kinds Battery CD-ROM Ethernet Communication Products Aluminium Electroytic Capacitor Keyboard Business Card Scanner Computer Hardware Comp.Components Digital Camera Mp3 Players LAN Communication Pr. Computer Peripherals Lan Data Storage Locking Systems Voip Computers Electronic/Digital Interface Products And Accessories Gadgets Unrecorded CDs Computer Components Computer Desks Mother Boards Computer Components Computer Hard Ware Power Supply Computer Products Computer Products Electronics & Computer Industrial Plug Sockets Of All Kinds Transistor Electrical Wiring Accessories Electrical Components Memory IC Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuits Boards Scanning Devices Electroinstalation Materials CCTV Personal Electronics Fan Electrical Components LCD Monitor LCD Monitor Videowall Electrical Equipment Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Health Pulse Massager Air-Conditioners Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Electric Motors Security Products And Accessories Woven Gloves And Industrial Safety Products Water Purifier Machines Parts; Diaphragm Pump; Ultra Violet Filters Alarm Systems Safety Clothing/Fluorescent Clothing Fire Alarm Products Spray Equipment CCTV Machinery Machinery Printing Maching Machine Industrial Machine Plastic Machinery Punching Machine Machine For Production Piston Rings Machines For Making Copier Drums Printing Machinery Hydroforming Machine Plastic Films Whole-Plant Conveyance Equipment Tool Machinery Lathes Industrial Equipment Bread-Baking Equipment: Shelving Stove Lathe Staple Making Machine Textile And Plastic Mchinery Medicine Packaging Euqipment And Sterilization Equipment Solid Waste Handling Treatment Laser Engraving Machinery hydrnulic Eva/PVC/PE Form Moulding Machine Fastener Making Equipment-s Household Sewing/Machines Import/Export Inspecting/Rewinding Machine Machine Equipmnet-s For Pipe Line Fittings Manufacturing; Stainless Steel Ball Valve Thermo-Plastic Injection Molding Machines Printing Machines Printing Machines Printing Machines Millimg Machines Turn Key Plant For Producing Metal Products Textile Machinery Battaries Making Machinery Plastic Injection Machines Static Equipment For Coating Toothpick Machinery Noise Control Equipment Vanish Baking Machine Machine And/Or Equipment For The Printing/Graphic Industry Beancurd Making Machine Nail Painting Machine Packing & Paper Equipment Equipment Agriculture Equipemtn & Machinery Instrumentation Products & Mechanical Products For Oil And Petrochemicla Industry Packing Machinery Construction Machinery Rubber And Plastic Materials Heater Machinery Die Casting Industrial Machienry Hydraulic Press Machine High Frequency Welding Machine Industrial Steam Cleaner Hand Tools Fasteners Hand Tools; Fasteners Hand Tools Gardening Tools Diamond Toos Tools Industrial Supplies Industrial Micro Drill To Be Used For Print Circuit Board Aluminum Gates Stainless Steel Sheet Valves Valves 1.Material:316/Cast Iron 2.Size:1/8"~12" 3.Eng: Threaded/Flanged End 4.Volume:1X20-Container 5.Total Value:USD50 Fasteners Fittings Industrial Hardware And Bolts Padlocks And Security Metalworking Bolt & Nut Copper & Steel Locks Mesh Metal Supermarket Cages; Metal Stillages For Use Stainless Steel Coil Metals Hareware Hardware Metal & Hardware Jewellery Semi-Precious Stone Natural Stones Neoprene Leisure Bags Footwear; Synthetic Leather; Hand Bags Garments Variety Of Rayon Velvet Lace Products 7 Embroidery Apparel Fabrics Stretch Kniteed Fabrics Containing Spandex For Use In Sportswear Garment/Apparel Fabrics; Kitche Importer & Wholesaler Of Trimmings & Hats Lace Embroidery/Applique Trimming Laces Fabrics For The Residential And Contract Markets Ribbons & Ribbon Accessories Trimmings Cotton Yarn Spun Rayon Yarn Tire Cord & Cable Cord Garment Accessories Garment Accessories Styropore Material For Packaging; Textile; Molds For PVC Or Foam Stretched Film Carbonless Copy Paper Packaging Materials-Plastic Containers Shipping Containers Finished Leather Goods Cosmetics 1.Preferably For Those With GMP Standard 2.Volume:1X20-Container 3.Total Value:USD70 Cosmetics And Perfumes Cosmetics Goods Folding Chair For Message Therapy Veterinary Gloves Pharmaceutical Products All Kind Of Pharmaceutical Products And Health Goods Industrial Adhesives Polyethylene PE Pipe Grade Polyethylene Terephalate Primary Pesticide 1.For Cotton Growing Area In West Asia 2.Volume:1X20-Container 3.Total Value:USD60 Textile Dyes Raw Materials Of Dyestuff And Dye Intermediates Dyes Intermediates Plastic Processing Die-Casting Textile Dyes Synthetic Vesin Plastics Fiber Glass; Poly Ethilin Acrylic Sheet Colouring Materials Rubber Products Food Items Food Companies Food Service Food Can Fruit Food Frozen Fish For Supermarket Tomaio Paste Drink Reis Fast Food Canned Fruit And Vegetables Snacks Any Kind Of Thing For Pizza Baby Food Food Gold Kiwifruit Oil Food Food Additives Food Food Mango Pulp Mineral Water Red Bean Flavoured Beverage Canned Food Raw Cotton Food Food Additives Gifts Gifts Gifts Gifts Gifts Gifts Calculators Gifts Bar Supplies Ball bearings and parts Clay Building Materials Promotional Items Office Article Stationery And Office Supplies Adhesive Polypropylene Tape In-Line Skates Of All Kinds Barbecues Of All Kinds Fitting Equipment Gym Bicycles Sport Article Sports Article Specialty Sporting Goods Canoe Coatings And Accessories Sports Facilities Accessories ICE Rink Accessories Bee Hive Equipment Fitness Sproting Items Smelly Toys Glue For Dog-s Ears Plastic Baby Bottles Toy Granite Sanitary Equipment Pipes Sanitary Equipment Plastic Bathroom Fittings Glass Materials Building Materials Building Materials Building Materials Glass For Door And Windows Manufacture Pumping Systems And Parts Wood Building Materials Heating And Cooling Systems Shelving Units Hardwood Flooring Roofing Materials Building Material Bottle Openers To Be Customed Made Hotel Equipments Bathroom Products Bathroom Products Houseware Houseware Wine Making Supplies Display Racks Furniture Auxiliary Furniture House Furniture Office Furniture And Hotel Furniture Of All Kind Furniture Furniture Furniture Wood Furniture Household Furniture Wood Office Furniture Beds Wood Store Fixtures Binds Anti Bombing Materials Lab Instruments Measurment Instruments Industrial Product Testing Tools Lens Backlit Signs Sterile Acupuncture Needles And Therapy Magnets Medical Appliances Medical Equipment-s Adult Diapers Blood Pressure Monitor Hospital Medical Equipment Of All Kind Intensive Therapy Equipment Assistive Medical Aids Medical Equipment Elevator And Moving Stairways Dental Equipment Walking Aids Electronic Medical Equip Medical Equip Marine Oil Lamps Brass Ones & From Other Materials Shipyard/Dockyard; Radio Station With Central Control Boat Supplies Bicycle Bicycle Parts & Accessories Bicycle Car Audio System Third Brake Lights 1.Preferably For Those Who Can Accept OEM/ODM Task.2.Voume:1X20-Container 3.Total Value:USD40 Auto Parts Automobile Spares Car/Boats/Machinery-s/Motorcycle Batteries Automobiles Parts Motorcycle Auto Parts & Accessories Auto Parts Wheel Covers On Plastic Timing Gears Auto Spare Parts Auto Sign Auto Parts Electronic Scooter Auto Painting Euqip Auto Parts Material For Auto Lamp Language Lab Equipment Telecommunications Equipment Telecommunications Products Cb Radios Photographic Euqipment Telecommunications Systems LCD Module LCD Monitor Ink Cartridges Computer Peripherals Blank Digital Media Computer Components Prepeg Laminates Fiber Optic SIM Card Connectors Multimedia Products CD-Rw 1.CD-R 80 Computer & Peripherals Products Security Systems Innovative Computer Accessories Computer Open Frame LCD Monitor And Industrial PC Computer Accessories Computer Software Multimedia Projector Computer & Peripherals Comouter Accessories Computer Hardware Computer Hardware & Peripheral Equipment Computer Equipment & Peripherals Computer Components Bar Code Products Computer CD-R Computer & Peripheral Circuit Board Membrane Switch Spacer Or Electronic Adhesive Tape Or Duble Liner Electrical Wiring Devices Electronic Disc Jockey Audio Euqipment Electronic Components Transformer 1.Fiber 25 On Line Ups-3 Electrical Switches And Electrical Switchgear Electronic Products Swiches DVD Player With Recorder Electric Products Semiconductors Electronic Loadcell Electronics Electronic Components Electrical Parts Electric Components Digital Pen Residential A/C Controlers Kitchen Utensils For Example Hood & Electrical Stove 1.Preferably For Those With ISO Standard And Environmental Freely.2.Volume:1X20-Container 3.Total Value:USD100 Garage Door Opener Power Supply Speakers Consumer Electronic Goods Electric Hair Dryer Consumer Electronics Products Electrical Home Appliances Electrical Products Electric Household Appliances Cellular Telephones And Accessories Recording Media Lighting Fixtures For Home & Office Electronics Professional Sound & Light System PSD System Scale Electronic Home Appliance English Socket With Screw 13a Electronics Elevator Spare Parts For Diesel Engines Mechanical Supplies; Contracting Supplies; Vibration Control Systems Diesel Engine & Generating Sets And Marine Diesel Engines Electric Fire Place Remotes Heating/Cooling Equipment Industrial Machinery Industrial And Construction Wiring Cable Clips Personal Security Products Safety Products Traffic Control Systems Construction Safety Equipment Door Controls Water Valve Machinery Industrial Supplies And Machine Parts 1.Agricultural Raw material Processing Euqipment 2.Animal Feed Making Machines 3.Coffee 1.Textile Machinery 2.Food Machinery 3.Plastic Processing Machinery Beverage Processing Machinery Vehicle Rubber Tire Production Line Razor & Blade Making Plant Machine Tool Foodstuff Processing Machine Medical Equipment Machine Tools Industrial Machinery 1.Cnc Machine & Related Parts 2.Hydraulic Pressing Machine & Parts 3.Transformer Metal Processing Machine Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Magic Tape Making Plant Fruit Processing Machine 1.Litchi Peeling Machine 2.Litchi Fruit Juice Making machine 3.Apricot Construction Equipmnet Extrusion Machine Machinery For Manufacturing PVC Tubes Spring Tester-IQty Water And Waste Treatments Plastic Processing Machinery Rubber Finishing Mahcine-Single Hi-Frequency Rubber Compound Heating Machine Food Processing Fabricated Components For Industrial Equipment Custom Machinery CNC Vertical Lathe CNC Vertical And Horizontal Lathes Rotogravure Printing Presses Candy Wrapping Machine Filling And Packing For Liquids Machinery For The Wig Industry Printing Machines Food Macking Machines; Packaging Machines Machinery Bubble Tea Turn-Key Brick Making Machine Food Processing Equipment Solar Cell Equipment Of All Kind Turnkey Plant Machinery & Equipment Equipment Chinese Food Making Machinery 5 Gallon Pet Machinery Industry Machinery Industrial Machinery Plastic Injection Molding Machinery Office And Store Machinery Industrial Cookign And Baking Machinery Heating Equipment Industrial Machinery Industry Machinery Indsutrial Machinery Technique Equipment Dewatering Press Plastic Packing Machine Plastic Separator For Slipper Packaging Shoe Mahing Machine Hand Tools Hand Tools Hand-Heod Vaccum Pumps Used For Wine Saving/Preserving Application Pneumatic Tools Painting Tools Commerical Machinery Tools Tools Gardening Machine anything is interested Gardening Equipment Foudry Service Inserts Iron Gates And Railing 1.Mold For Acrylic Boxes Point Of Purchase Display Racks Valve Pipe Line For Control Equipment System In Oil And Gas Industry Industrial Steel And Iron Aluminium Piller For Aluminum Extrusin Products Bearings Non Ferrous Alloys Hardware Screws Abrasives Container Screw Hardware Hardware Screws Fasteners Hardware Hardware Valve Hardware Hardware Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Recoil/Coiled Garden Hoses Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Metals & Hardware Products Metal & Hardware Hardware Hardware Hardware Washers Bolts Bolts Bolts And Nuts Hardware Bolts Hand Tools Pumps Metering Hardware Bolts Bolts & Nuts Screws Screws And Bolts Bolts Galvanized Steel; Screws And Metal Hardware For Door And Windows Maufacture Nails And Screws Building Hardware Sheet Metal Products Metal Products Plastic Prototypes And Industrial Models Gem Or Fake Diamond And Artificial Tooth Jewelry And Gifts Other Gem & Jewelry Sterling Silver Jewellery-Curb Or Snake Chaine; Non-Preciousand Pine Link Metal Chains Luggage Bag Accessories Bag Accessories Footware Materials Footwear Shoes; Footwear; Sport Shoes Footwear & Accessories Soe Material Textiles Ties Fashion Socks 1.Over The Knee: Cuff-2" Ready To Wear Clothes Garments Silk Products Polyester High Tenacity Filament Yarn 420d-96f Bed Sheets Bed Sheets Bed Linen Waterproof Moleskin Fabric Garment Accessories Textiles Textiles Casual Clothing Textile Accessories Raady Wear Textile Garment Accessories Textile Accessories Plastic Bags And PVC Products Hardboard Aerosol Container Other Packing Materials And Containers Packaging Material Plastic Packaging Materials Containers Packaging Materials Shipping Containers Carbonless Copy Paper Paper Products all kind of garment Agri Products Lacquar Paper For Sugar & Salt Packets Pu Leather Leather And Allied Products Leather Accessories Leather Goods Mascara Beauty treatment Chair; Beauty Equipment For Hair; Ultrasonic Beauty Machine Airless Pump Containers For Creams Cosmetics & Perfumes Cosmetic Chemcials Animal Vaccine For Cattle Injection 1.Theminology:Thermacyn XP100 2.Packing:10ml 3.Volume:50 Cartons 4.Total Value:USD40 Organic Certified Essential Oils Fiberoptics Manufacturer Chemcials For Leather Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer Of Clear Plastic Tubes 11/2 Inch In Diameter And 34 Inch Long And An Injection Molding Manufacturer Who Can Make Clear Plastic Bowls 12 Inch In Diameter And 3 Inch Deep Polyurethane Materials Textile Auxiliaries Textile Auxiliaries Textile Auxiliaries And Fine Chemicals Cyanoacrylate Textile Auxiliaries Dyestuffs Mouse Glue Glass Industrial Products PVC Frp Industrial Use-Colored Gelcoat Polyester Resins For Rowder Coating Plastic Pipe Paint & Coating Polyether Polyol & Tdi Cold Lamination Gloss Film All Types Of Marine Paints Herbicides Raw Materials Specialty Cement Cleaning Products Adhesives And Synthetic Resins Chemicals And Preparation Cleaners Plastic Seals Chemicals For Swimming Pools PVC Transparent Iron Ores Dried Mango Monosodium Glutamate Foodstuff Aquarium Live Fish Cooking Ingredient Meat Seafood Products Cheese Frozen Food Foods Sea Products Food For Restaurant Noni Juice Bulk Foods Loca & Asian Fine Foods-Grocery Food Seafood Frozen Food Food Grade Soya Lecithin Frozen Food Foodstuff Foodstuff Printing Ink Wall Putty & Paint Brush Plastic Lunch Boxes Display Items Taiwanese Glass Beads Awards And Promotional Items Note Book And Post Card Promotional Articles Stationary Giftware Artificial Flowers Of All Kinds Sunglasses Gifts Ceramic Products Glass Beads Decorating Chalk Gifts Giftware & Premiums Novelties And Promotional Items Engraving Accessories Ind Ribbon And Insulatin Printing Ink Pens Cash Registers Ribbon For Office Equipment Toner Stationery And Office Equipment Fitness & Exercise Equipment Massage Equipments; Fitness Equipment Paintabll Gun Sports Goods And Accessories Fitness Equipment Golf Equipment Sporting Apparel Kayak & Rafting Equipment Interior Decoration Materials Inteior Decoration Materials And Products Rubber Molding Arichitecture Materials Plywood Building Materials Building Materials Building Materials Doors Pumps Electric Equipment Storage Devices Roofing Materials Store Fixtures Plant Boxes Of All Kinds Paper Drinking Staws Home Furnishing Handy Mop Cypress Products Metal Furniture; Office Furniture; Furniture Accessories Folding Chair Office Furniture Made Of Wood Commercial Cabinents Chairs For Children Testing Instrument Measuring And Test Equipment Measuring Instruments Optical Intruments Med.Devices+Pharmaceu.Industry For Development+Production Of Med.Products. Medical Instruments For Operations Diagnostic Devices 1.Preferably For Those With ISO Standard 2.Volume:2 Safety & Industrial Supplies Medical Products Medical Equipment Disposable Medical Supplies Bed Pans OEM Hypodermic Needles-Swaged And Electrochemically Ground Medical Supplies Blood Line Set For Hemodialysis Medical Supplies Bicycles Helmets Accessories For Bicycles Parts Bicycles Bicycles New Bike Line Bicycles Bike Accessories Frame Bicycle Bicycle Parts Parts Bicycles Parts Bike Accessories Road And Mountain Bikes Bicycles D Chain Wheels Bicycle Parts Bicycles Bicycle Bike Parts Bicycles Bicycles Parts Bicycles Titanium Frames Parts Transporation Equipment Bicycle And Parts Motor Car Air-Conditioning Parts For All Types Of Vehicle Material To Produce Engine Gasket 1.Material:Plastic 2.Volume:1X20 Container 3.Total Value:USD 35 Heavy Industrial Trailers & Heavy Hauling Equipment Truck Motorcycle Parts Automobile Parts And Components Tractor Clutches Auto Parts Body Spare Parts Motorcycle Accessories Auto Parts Auto Parts & Accessories Auto Parts Automobile And Motorcycle Headlights Automobile Parts And Accessories Automobile Air Conditioners Car Stereos Radiators Automotive Accessories Aftermaarket Automobile Parts And Accessories Auto Finishing Car Body Accessories Internet Phone dsfasdfdsa Mobile Phone Accessories Telecom Telephone Junction Box Telephones & Related Products DVD-R Networking Products Computer Accessories Chips Set Game Software Scanners Computer Software Computers Computer Hardware Computer USB Keys Electronic Components Moving Coil Telepone Accessories Adaptor Adaptor Electronic Components And Connector Electonic Components Electonic Components Induction Cook Top 1.Cabinet:Glass & Plastic 2.Used Patented Far iNfrared Tube 3.Power:Ac 120v Or 230v/600w 4.Emit Over 80% 1 Aluminum Flash Light Wireless Interuder Alarms Amplifier