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GeneNetwork (GN consists of a set of web related resources for systems genetics. It has been designed for multiscale integration of networks of genes, transcripts, and traits such as toxicity, stress responses, neurodegeneration, developmental disorders, and behavior. This open resource combines 25 years of legacy data generated by hundreds of scientists. Of particular relevance to NeuroCommons, GN contains several large gene expression data sets that will provide material for powerful use case queries.

GN data are housed in a MySQL database (5.0) and exploit Python and C code modules for analysis and graphical user interface. Menus and results tables make use of AJAX.

The GN database scheme is available at

The GN scriptable interface is available at

Documentation on GN is avaialable at (please join)

As part of NeuroCommons, the GN team (Robert W. Williams, Hongqiang Li, Zhaohui Sun, and William Bug, University of Tennessee and Drexel University) are interested in exporting/exposing as much of GN in RDF-OWL format as practical.

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