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Services you can log-into with FOAF+SSL

You have just created your FOAF+SSL certificate with one of our FOAF+SSL Identity Providers. Here is a list of places that you can test these out on.


End user sites / Installable Web Applications

  • MyProfile nicely designed service that offers the ability to create a WebID, link to other people, provides a wall to write to, and more.
  • end-user oriented WebID compliant (Authentication and ACLs) service for generating Personal Linked Data Spaces covering: Profile Management, Blogs, Wikis, Calendars, Bookmarks, File Management (WebDAV based Briefcase), AddressBook, Mail, Discussion Forums, and others .
  • OntoWiki development branch -- login to ontowiki with WebID, but does not use any information from the foaf profile


These sites are not destination sites, but they can also use foaf+ssl authentication:


These are platforms that can be used to develop WebID compliant services (WebID generation and relying services).

  • OpenLink Data Spaces -- a WebID compliant platform for Personal & Enterprise Linked Data Spaces that supports WebID management and WebID protocol based authentication (relying service).


No longer in service

  • WebID Entry point
    • confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Simple FOAF+SSL Entry Point offers diagnostics on your client certificate and underlying FOAF file
    • Diagnostic service no longer functioning; confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Foaf.Me will display your foaf profile and allow you to navigate your (open) social network
    • confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Reward.Me Reward people for their hard work using karma points
    • Is using a login service that no longer exists. confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • User facing test page Aimed at a normal user, rather than developer
    • Nice UI, but login no longer works. confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Shout Box Login with your Web ID and leave comments.
    • login functions but ShoutBox data base is broken. confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Generate an account for bitcion usage (alpha) *note: requires activation, contact a notary on #swig
    • authentication seems to work, but very slow loading users. confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • Cheese Lovers' Club Demo of linked data and FOAF+SSL
    • service no longer available; confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • allows you to login to any OpenId service using a foaf+ssl certificate. (a todo is to make it visible when you have logged in) --
    • no longer available; confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • allows you to add a foaf+ssl login to your site without needing to install a certificate
    • No longer available; confirmed down 2015-03-30
  • A sample FOAF+SSL-protected N3 document should only be accessible if you have a properly installed FOAF file.
    • was Experimental; confirmed down 2018-01-15
  • An access-controlled sample FOAF+SSL-protected N3 document demonstrates possibilities for SemWeb-based access control enabled by FOAF+SSL (access should only be granted if you claim to foaf:knows [1]).
    • was Experimental; confirmed down 2018-01-15
  • is a service for publishing linked data which to which one can authentify with WebID and that uses the RDF WebAccessControl vocabulary to protect resources
    • was Platform; confirmed down 2018-01-15