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This is simple guide to using and verifying ODS-OpenID extended via FOAF+SSL. Covering the following scenarios:

ODS as FOAF+SSL enabled OpenID Server

In this scenario, ODS uses FOAF+SSL to enhance its OpenID based authentication services.

Usage Steps:

  1. Get yourself an ODS account (demo edition available at:
  2. Use "one click" feature in the profile page to generate and import a certificate into your browser
  3. Hatch Enable SSL login check-box option
  4. Note your OpenID URL which takes the form:
  5. Visit a site that supports OpenID based authentication (examples: OpenID Test or Creative Commons Wiki Page )
  6. When challenged for authentication by OpenID site, enter your OpenID URL
  7. You will get authenticated via the Certificate in your browser instead of interacting with the usual OpenID Username and Password Login page

ODS as FOAF+SSL enabled OpenID Site

In this scenario FOAF+SSL comes into play when logging into an ODS instance (i.e., logging into a personal or shared data space) via OpenID.

[TDB -- still fine tuning user interaction]