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When you are writing a specification, it might happen that you are not sure about Extensibility of your specifications. Extensibility can cover many meanings at the same time.

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Does that mean you create a specification which can accept new features, extensions. This can be done

  • with a precise defined mechanisms.
  • or without mechanisms.

How extensibility appears in specifications?

It can be because of the definitions of features because of the

  • behaviour of implementations (you don't have a specific answer)
  • specific implementations (for example, black and white screen versus color)
  • uncertainty on the features advantage
  • future needs.

So If you want to create extensibility you might need to define a precise mechanism to do that


  • Examples in the W3C Specs? Pbs and Advantages.
  • Examples outside W3C Specs?
  • Benefits and Risks for Developpers?



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