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%META:TOPICINFO{author="guest" date="1023852768" format="1.0" version="1.3"}% This is an experimental Wiki page about the SWAD-Europe workpackage 9.

Visualization and Accessibility

Related Links

The following links are from a chat in IRC (#er) with Wendy and Jim.

HTML ImageMap for metadata: ideas

(danbri and chaals ideas for swad-e / wai workshop)

Authoring tools for image overlays:

  • Fireworks (frontpage, publisher, mozilla, goLive, etc etc)
  • Amaya (svg editor; html imagemap editor; Annotea)
  • RDFPic
  • Jim Ley's SVG/.js tool
  • Adobe?

User tools:

  • Dave Pawson's self-voicing SVG
  • Patrick Roth, browser (sound and tactile browser)
  • Tiger project

-- ESW.DanBri - 07 Jun 2002