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Many developers have strong willingness to understand W3C's standards, to comment on the drafts or participant in our other activities, but quite a few of them might give up at the very beginning because the specs are not easy to read.

To make it easier for the developers to get access to our specs, we hope to invite editors or other experts in each working groups to write articles about how to read the specs, and to translate these articles into other languages if necessary. By these kind of introduction, more developers will get involved in the process, which will help increase the consistency of our specification, enhance the interaction between the editors and the spec users, and allow us to develop new technologies for more people.


Join us by public-accesstospec@w3.org


The articles will provide answers to these questions:

  • What should you know before you start reading this spec?
  • How is this document put together?
  • How to work with the spec?
  • Where to discuss about the spec or ask some stupid questions?

Excellent examples are:


  • Find a Topic
    • Specs frequently Used by Web Developers, not those only important to the browser producers;
    • NFC: Long history and with very interesting usage for the future;
  • Write the Article
  • Introduce the Topic to the Developers
    • Events with relative enterprises: Xiaomi and Sumsung.
    • Tencent and CSDN(the largest developer community in China) are cooperating on a project to introduce new Web technology to China.
    • MDN and webplatform.org

Future Promotion

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