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This is a proposed workshop for ESWC2005

Workshop proposal for European Semantic Web Conference 2005: "Scripting for the Semantic Web"


Large parts of the current Web rely on scripting languages such as Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, ActionScript and ColdFusion. These languages are the tools of a generation of web programmers who use them to quickly create server and client-side web applications. Support for scripting languages is widely deployed within the current web infrastructure: PHP for example is installed on 16 million web servers. It is therefore likely that scripting languages will also play a crucial role in the Semantic Web gaining critical mass.

Scripting languages are lightweight and easy to learn, but on the other hand mature enough to be used within complex applications, as the Mozilla, Zope and CWM projects show. Many deployed Semantic Web applications, for example in the FOAF and RSS communities, are already using these languages and it is likely that the process of RDF-izing existing database-backed websites, wikis, blogs and CMS will largely rely on scripting languages.

The workshop aims to bring together for the first time developers of the RDF base infrastructure for scripting languages with practitioners building applications using these languages. The goal of the workshop is to give an overview of the current support for Semantic Web technologies within scripting languages and to showcase innovative Semantic Web applications relying on these languages.

More information about the workshop is found at