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Dutch Semantic Web Meetups

After last year's successful DutchSemanticWebGettogether, we thought it was time to get the community together once again. To encourage more regular events, we are going to hold a first Semantic Web Meetup here at the VU in February. This will follow the more informal meetup format with a couple of presenters around a particular theme and then informal discussions and drinks. This meetup aims to turn into a regular gathering of people associated with the Semantic Web in the Netherlands. This is an event generously sponsored by the Network Institute of the Vrije Universiteit.


Date Time Location Topic Registration
3rd June 2010 16h - 20h W&N at VU Amsterdam The usage of semantics Subscribe on Doodle
12th February 2010 13h - 17h Main Building at VU Amsterdam Linking Open Dutch Data Send a mail to Christophe Guéret

Topic and schedule

3rd June 2010: The usage of semantics

The topic of this meetup will be the usage of semantics, having Jans Aasman from Franz Inc to lead the discussion. The discussion will be around questions such as: How have semantics been used for local deployment? What do you think the role is for semantics on the web of data? What do you think are the issues around semantics, for example, the role of vocabularies, large scale reasoning, rules, and best practice.

Time Location Description
16h00-17h00 P-631 Presentation by Jans Aasman & Discussion
17h00-18h00 The Basket Beer :-)
18h00-20h00 Dinner

12th February 2010: Linking Open Dutch Data

Given the announcement and subsequent discussion of the UK government's exposure of thousands of data sets as Linked Data, we thought it would be a great time for our community to discuss how we can encourage and foster the exposure of Dutch data sets (government, public, educational). Therefore, the topic for the next Semantic Web Meetup is Linking Open Dutch Data. The schedule for the meetup is as follows:

Time Room Description
13h00-14h00 02A00 Vrijedata.nl, keynote by Ton Zijlstra and James Burke, slides of the talk on Slideshare
14h00-14h30 02A00 Lightning talks (one slide and 2 minutes per talk - see DutchSemanticWebMeetups/LightningTalks)
14h30-14h45 02A00 Coffee break
14h45-16h00 05A02 Hacking group 1, chaired by Paul Groth
07A06 Hacking group 2, chaired by Christophe Guéret
11A05 Discussion group 1, "What can we do to encourage and promote the exposure of Dutch Data as Linked Data ?", chaired by Ton Zijlstra and Ruud Stegers
11A06 Discussion group 2, "Use-cases for Dutch Linked Data", chaired by Rinke Hoekstra
16h00-16h15 02A00 Presentations on the results of the breakout groups
16h15-17h00 02A00 Group wide discussion
17h00-..... The Basket Drinks


I'm lost !

Don't panic... Follow this link to get detailled information on how to get to the VU Amsterdam. The code name of the rooms indicate their floor. For instance, the room 02A00 is located on the second floor. For the drinks, the pub "The Basket" is located on the campus, next to the main building.

Follow us !

  • A mailing list has been set up at dutchsemweb-l@few.vu.nl. For those we have not invited yet, you are welcome to suscribe via the mailman page, which also includes a pointer to archives.
  • The official twitter hashtag is #dswm
  • The official bit.ly short URI is http://bit.ly/4n5Zwo


Feel free to contact us if you have questions related to the meetups