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Survey of Microformat GRDDL-friendliness

(probably to be merged back into CustomRdfDialects - DannyAyers, 2007-03-20)

Only looking at individual microformats, without considering any combined/merged profiles (beyond those treated as composites by

The microformats Wiki also lists several Design Patterns for commonly-used constructs, e.g. rel-design-pattern, datetime-design-pattern.

See also: GRDDL, profile-uris ("it is ACCEPTED that each microformat should have a profile URI")

Listed as "Specifications" at

Dialect Domain Model Mapping Profile URI
XMDP Metadata Profiles (model) grokXMDP.xsl spec home?
hCard Personal Information vCard schema hcard2rdf.xsl wiki, (old), (new)
XFN Social Networks XFN* grokXFN.xsl
hCalendar Calendars and Events RDF Calendar glean-hcal.xsl wiki,
hReview Opinions, Ratings and Reviews RDF Review hreview2rdfxml.xsl
VoteLinks Endorsement (model) (mapping) wiki
XOXO Hierarchies (model) (mapping) wiki
relLicense Licenses Creative Commons grokCC.xsl wiki
relTag Tags, Keywords, Categories Tag Ontology (mapping) wiki
rel-nofollow Non-endorsement (model) (mapping) wiki

Listed as "Drafts" at

The adr and geo microformats are subsumed by hCard.

Dialect Domain Model Mapping Profile URI
hAtom Syndicated Content Atom hAtom-Atom-Atom/OWL? wiki
hResume Resumes/CVs Resume ont? (mapping) wiki
Robots Exclusion Robots Exclusion Robots exclusion meta tag (mapping) wiki
xFolk Social bookmarking (model) (mapping) wiki
rel-directory Online directories (model) (mapping) wiki
rel-enclosure Media objects mod_enclosure? (mapping) wiki
rel-home Site navigation (model) (mapping) wiki
rel-payment Support exchange (model) (mapping) wiki