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CRLF and Encoding Rule Conformance with HTTP 1.1

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These documents are served with text/x-unknown. According to the CRLF and encoding rules in RFC2616, the client should display them as text/plain, treating CRs, LFs and CRLFs as newlines. Of the following non-ascii documents, only latin-1-diac.txu should display properly. Please try out the links and report your results. The directory has files which are served with the following media types/charsets for comparison:


Note: some little-known browsers like Mozilla and Firefox don't follow the rule of displaying documents as text at all so the following tests result only in an offer to download the page. The "Character Encoding" option in most browsers will instruct the browser to override the charset given by the server.

  • CRLF.txu CRs and LFs
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - CR-"^M" LF, CRLF-newline
    • w3m - CR, LF, CRLF-newline, LFCR-newline/newline
  • latin-1-diac.txu díâçrìtïcàls in latin-1
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - p<FC>r<EE><F3><F9>s d<ED><E2><E7>r<EC>t<EF>c<E0>ls
    • w3m - d[ED][E2][E7]r[EC]t[EF]c[E0]ls
  • utf-8-diac.txu díâçrìtïcàls in utf-8
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - díâçrìtïcàls
    • w3m - díâçrìtïcàls
  • utf-8-cyrillic.txu сириллик in utf-8
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - сириллик
    • w3m - сириллик
  • utf-8-kanji.txu 漢字 in utf-8
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - 漢字
    • w3m - 漢字
  • shift-jis-kanji.txu 漢字 in shift_jis
    • Mozilla/Firefox - download page
    • lynx - <8A><BF><8E><9A>
    • w3m - [8A][BF][8E][9A]